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    17 Ways To Lose Weight Without Changing Your Schedule

    Making small changes to your daily life can have a big impact.

    1. Don't skip breakfast.

    2. Eat your carbs earlier in the day.

    3. Ditch the elevator for the stairs.

    4. Memorize this handy guide to help you estimate portions.

    5. Learn what you're really craving.

    6. Eat your calories instead of drinking them.

    7. Make a plan to drink more water.

    8. And drink a glass before your meal.

    9. Ditch your chair for a standing desk.

    10. Keep healthy snacks with you.

    11. Skip soda and go with green tea.

    12. Put your food on smaller plates. Extra points if the dishware is blue!

    13. Don't just whip out your credit card; pay with cash.

    14. Think about what you're putting in your salad.

    15. Try to slow down how fast you eat.

    16. Fidget, fidget, fidget!

    17. Go easy on yourself.

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