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    15 Times We Were All Winston Bishop From "New Girl"

    There's a little Winston in all of us.

    1. When you're loving on your pet and you think you're alone so you talk to them like they're a person:

    jayhalstead / Via

    2. When you decide to let that one friend who's a horrible driver take the wheel for a road trip:

    jayhalstead / Via

    3. When finals week hits and you completely blew off reading day to binge on Netflix:

    lizzie-mcguire / Via

    4. When your friend finally spills information they've been hiding for a while:

    bellsprincess / Via

    5. When you're just having one of those days:

    theflavourofyourlips / Via

    6. When someone questions your eating habits and you just can't deal:

    bishopwinston / Via

    7. When you go into full adulting mode for a party:

    alecblushed / Via

    8. When you try and be smooth but fail horribly:

    newgirlgifs / Via

    9. When you're the only realist among your group of friends:

    schmidtsburg / Via

    10. When you can't quite express your feelings the way you want to:

    ace-anonymous / Via

    11. When you don't want to get in the middle of an argument, but you still want to be supportive:

    theflavourofyourlips / Via

    12. When your friend is going through a tough time and you just gotta give them love and support and motivate them to keep pushing through:

    adamprrish / Via

    13. When you question everything about relationships and love and why it's even worth it:

    sandandglass / Via

    14. When you're in that weird beginning-of-a-relationship phase and you have no idea wtf is going on or what to do:

    sandandglass / Via

    15. When you've gotta be your own biggest fan and know that you're kicking ass at life:

    schmidtsburg / Via

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