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    21 Things You'll Relate To If Your Parents Only Let You Watch PBS Growing Up

    "Made possible in part from viewers like you. Thank you."

    1. This adorable little Jack Russell taught you quite a bit about history and books.

    2. You were positive that you'd become a Zoom kid one day.

    3. The Kratt brothers were the ultimate sibling goals, and you were convinced that lemurs could actually talk.

    4. And you've been blaming your messy closet on them since your childhood.

    View this video on YouTube / Via PBS

    Just grab your stuff and split.

    5. You loved Miss Frizzle, and wished you had her as a teacher IRL.

    6. You spent A LOT of time on this couch, and you always know to check for dust bunnies.

    7. You tried to speak Chinese every time the theme song played at the start of Sagwa, The Chinese Siamese Cat.

    8. These guys made you feel like you had your own personal history squad to hang out with on the daily.

    9. LaVar Burton was surely there to help when you were learning about the wonderful world of literature.

    10. Or maybe these friendly animals helped you to read ~between the lions~.

    11. If planes with faces were your thing, you probably spent some time in Tarrytown.

    View this video on YouTube / Via

    This show is ways creepier than I remember.

    12. Or maybe trains with faces was more your style.

    13. You were furious when that jerk Buster came and tried to DESTROY Shining Time Station.

    View this video on YouTube / Via Brian Allcroft Ltd.

    14. When it came to learning Math, you were pretty much always focused on tracking down "The Hacker."

    15. Story time just wasn't cool unless it was with Plato the Bison.

    16. George Shrinks made you wish you could go on a safari in your own backyard and then mail yourself to your grandma's house.

    17. No day was complete without a visit to Teletubbyland.

    18. You wondered how you'd handle a giant dog, but you knew you'd love Clifford with all your heart if given the chance.

    19. You would have given up every penny you had to visit Dragonland... or to get that special scale in your hands.

    20. You always wished your real life neighbors were like this guy.

    21. And you will never, ever forget this phrase.