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    14 Things You'll Definitely Understand If You're Really Not Excited For Fall


    1. It's warm when you leave the house and then FREEZING by the time you come home.

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    2. Raking leaves is actually fucking terrible.

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    Why do we pretend manual labor is fun??

    3. Some of us actually don't like pumpkin.

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    It doesn't taste good, don't @ me.

    4. And yes, that includes your precious Pumpkin Spice Latte.

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    Starbucks is trash, tbh.

    5. Actually, that includes pumpkin spice everything.

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    They even have pumpkin spice condoms. Wtf?

    6. The wind during fall is actually the worst.

    Tenor GIF Keyboard / Via

    Say goodbye to that good hair day you were having!

    7. And that wind leads to having the most chapped lips ever.

    Tumblr / Via

    There's not enough Burt's Bees in the world for this.

    8. The freaking rain comes out of nowhere!

    Giphy / Via

    And of course I left my umbrella in the car.

    9. And it's always before I've had a chance to waterproof my boots.

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    10. Every single day, there's less and less daylight.

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    Some of us enjoy being able to see, Carol!

    11. Halloween never quite lives up to the hype.

    Imgur / Via

    Poor November starts right the fuck off with regret.

    12. It's literally a season where everything outside starts dying.

    Tenor GIF Keyboard / Via

    Nothing is safe from fall.

    13. Seriously. Leaves, flowers, grass... all of it!

    Angelic Gifs / Via

    Brown is not a pretty color, y'all!

    14. And worst of all, it means that summer is over!

    Assets / Via

    Until next year, beautiful weather. :'(

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