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A Powerful Film About Defining Feminism In The Modern World

What does feminism mean to you? A group of women in the creative industry discuss the topic in the unapologetic short, I Am Feminist. Dancing included!

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In I Am Feminist, director and writer Inny Taylor asks women from a variety of creative fields what feminism means to them in order to spark a truthful and informative conversation about the controversial and often misunderstood issue.

The I Am Feminist film brings together a community of creative women who share their thoughts openly on 'what feminism means to you.' The idea was to not only humanize the current feminism movement, but to celebrate — by creating a big feminism discussion and dance party — how far we have come. Though some statements may be gritty and challenging, the overall message is to have as loud a voice as one can possibly have and not feel the need to apologize for it.

Watch the film here: // Director: Inny Taylor // Music: Deanna Viva Garcia // Camera + Editing: Craig Callison