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    Why ToeJam And Earl Are The Most Underrated Video Game Duo Of All Time

    Pack the boombox and 48 D batteries. We're headed to Funkotron.

    As weird as many 90s games were, this one was weirdest, because NO ONE had a clue who these two badasses were when the game came out. The box art didn't help:

    Yes, Toejam and Earl. They were aliens from planet Funkotron, crash landed on Earth.

    And what sweet sounds they were:

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    Reportedly inspired by the great Jazz pioneer, Herbie Hancock.

    The game taught you to steer clear of hula girls, who forced you to dance uncontrollably.

    And if your first reaction to that screenshot was, "EWW THE GRAPHICS," have a look at the inspiration for TJ&E, Rogue (1980):

    The game's originality drew a cult following, which has produced some pretty cool fan art, from the totally cute...

    To the downright strange (but still awesome):

    Earl, the game's "Player 2" character, bears a striking resemblance to another cartoon sidekick.

    Sega released the sequel in 1993, but forced the creators to turn the game from a roguelike RPG into a sidescroller a la Mario Bros.

    And if you've ever played Panic on Funkotron, this horribly pixelated, pigtailed monstrosity may still haunt your nightmares.

    The sidescrolling sequel disappointed fans of the original, who felt the developers had sold out.

    The failure of the Sega Saturn delayed a third installment for 8 years, finally appearing on the XBox in 2002. And it was AWESOME:

    TJ&E fans are still out there. Apparently, some are even brewing IPAs:

    But our fondest memories of the ToeJam franchise may be those rare, peaceful gaming moments, where two played, laughed, and won -- together.