18 Cures For The Obesity Epidemic, As Told By Disney’s “Heavyweights”

Do it the Tony Perkis way.

1. Partake in “National Cheat Days”, ‘cause letting loose and eating junk food is OK.

Via Walt Disney Pictures

2. Follow that with post-binge recovery seminars.

Walt Disney Picture / Via glitterpants.tumblr.com

Hey, it’s a start.

3. Then go to Ben Stiller-led aerobics classes.

Walt Disney Pictures / Via stickingtothe90s.tumblr.com

Mandex mandatory.

4. GDP on the downturn? No lunch for America.

At least not fast food.

5. Participate in outdoor activities that are so fun, you don’t even realize you exercised.

Walt Disney Pictures / Via lunchboxers.tumblr.com

You’re always eligible for guilt-free pizza after an afternoon on The Blob.

6. Keep America on its toes with an assortment of booby-traps.

Via Walt Disney Pictures

Living in a constant state of fear burns more calories than you’d think. And it’s still more fun than keto.

7. Subsitute meals for ideals.

Walt Disney Pictures / Via jessesaler.tumblr.com

“With skim milk.”

8. Engage in free boxing lessons that are run by George Bluth, Sr.

Via Walt Disney Pictures

Bring back that glorious mustache, dad.

9. Divert funding from the War on Drugs, in favor of a War on Pez.

Via Walt Disney Pictures

“My man’s PACKIN’.”

10. Forcibly remove extremely fit people from gyms for an hour each day, during which time the rest of us can go work out while hating ourselves less.

Via Walt Disney Pictures

This is how you make me feel inside.

11. And if you want dairy, from now on you’re processing it yourself.

Via Walt Disney Pictures

12. Make less popular Olympic sports “hip” with the young people.

Via Walt Disney Pictures

Start by adding a belly flop division to competitive diving.

13. Don’t be afraid to try CrossFit.

Via Walt Disney Pictures

14. Encourage the formerly obese to inspire future success stories.

Via Walt Disney Pictures

15. Join a community of supporters to help follow-through on your healthy resolutions.

Via Walt Disney Pictures

Reddit’s r/loseit/ is a great place to start.

16. Combine two sports into one, doubling metabolic output.

Via Walt Disney Pictures

Turn an everyday nature hike into a sweaty weight room.

17. Seriously, don’t be afraid to go outdoors.

Via Walt Disney Pictures

18. If you start now, you’re be on Tony Perkis’ level by Labor Day:

Via Walt Disney Pictures

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