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How To Live Your Life To The Fullest As Told By Riff Raff's Tweets

Because how Riff Raff lives his life is an inspiration to all humans.

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Find The Optimism In Hard Situations

Hey, you're right! Thanks Riff Raff. Now off to buy some discounted candy!

Forget Dieting Once In A While

A panda in my pajamas sounds like a cuddly version of heaven.

Recognize That Your Selfies Are Weird

I'm all for selfies but you gotta admit that the faces we make are a little bizarre.

Don't Live Your Life For Social Media

Have fun in real life. Don't worry about having the best Instagram pictures.

Recognize What Makes You Amazing

And then your flaws will seem insignificant....because you are DOPE.

Love The Ones Who Really Love You

Riff Raff's most genuine and beautifully accurate advice.

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