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16 Cute Guys And Their Spirit Animals

We all have spirit animals- even hot guys! So here are 16 hot guys paired with their magnificent animal counterparts.

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1. Jason Segel: Baby Panda


When you look in the sparkle in their eyes, you just get weak in the knees. Both are so sweet! Both are so cuddly! Both don't even know how SWEET and CUTE and ADORABLE and CUDDLY they are! Wait.... did I mention CUDDLY!?

Unique and different, these guys bring something new to the table. They speak and we giggle in laughter and adorableness. Bruno sings and we gush at his every word. Not to mention, these guys rock the same kick-ass doo.

Penguin dads are the best dads in the Animal Kingdom and Channing Tatum's paternal instinct has proven him to be the best (and cutest) dad ever. Do you even see how perfect this family is?! Can I just sneak into Jenna's place real quick!?

Paul Rudd is just so likable and playful and wonderful. When it comes to animals, labs are a classic favorite. When it comes to people, Paul Rudd is everyone's favorite. If you don't agree then maybe there's an icebox where your heart used to be.

These guys literally march to the beat of their own drum. They are so underrated, but nobody does their own thing better than these guys. Quite frankly, both of them should have won Oscars years ago. (See also the incredibly similar hairstyles).

Zac Efron is my pre-pubecent dream man. I just want to shelter him from the world. I'm not quite ready to let you go, Zac. He like, needs my protection you know? Kinda like this baby kitten. The world is a cruel and dark place, Zac. Just get your head back in the Disney Channel game, where I need you to be.

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