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Nathan thought he was entering to win a signed skate deck, little did he know what he REALLY won.

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My Life vs Your Vacation held a Nationwide contest for all the kids who attended each show.

Those who purchased an item were given the opportunity to enter into the contest.

What they were entering to win was a custom skate deck signed by all of the major bands and more of the tour. Little did they know what they were really entering to win…

This is the winner, Nathan Gray, from Terra Haute, Indiana.

All because he took 2 minutes out of his day, he's now standing in front of his all time favorite band, Black Veil Brides, at their show in Columbus, OH at the LC Pavilion. It was the first time Nathan got to meet Black Veil Brides and is now the new lucky owner of a one of a kind custom skate deck signed by all the major bands from this years tour!!

Over 500,000 people attended Warped Tour this year and he's the one who was randomly picked by the first artist to sign the MLVYV skate deck, Beebs from Beebs and Her Money Makers!


People ask all the time what MLVYV is all about. It's about living everyday like it's better than any vacation. Life is too short to treat it any other way!

Be a positive person and always remember that good things in life come to those who wait. Grab a shirt & join the movement!

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