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    9 Reasons Why BEEB$ And Her Money Makers Is Your New Favorite Band!

    There are so many more reasons, but heres nine!

    1. This is Beebs. Just look at how cute she is!

    2. Their shortened nickname is BAHMM! How fun!

    3. BAHMM just got back from touring on WARPED TOUR! (Katy Perry, Eminem, Black Eyed Peas, No Doubt and Beck did it too, FYI!)

    4. They sell cool merch, like kazoos, underwear and blueberry jam sauce!

    5. They wear fun things like hotdog costumes!

    6. And these crazy checkered pants!

    7. They just teamed up with a clothing company called My Life Vs Your Vacation, that's all about doing what you love. (Check them out too!)

    8. Not only is their music badass, but so are their videos! (Seriously, check out their new video for Jumpin. It's awesome!)

    View this video on YouTube

    9. They have a very big announcement tomorrow!

    So follow them on twitter to find out what it is! (Trust me, it's awesome!)