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You Know You Went To Alfred University If...

We've graduated and moved on from our little home away from home in Alfred, and ever since people seem to be bewildered by what you mean when you say, "'s kind of like Narnia." Here is a list of things that only you will understand my fellow Saxons.

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1. This view ignites your bones

Hairpin. One of the most gorgeous and stunning views that you will remember forever. Also, if you ever wondered why there is a bench up there all you Alfredians, that was thanks to my friends one Saturday night in the wee hours of the morning. You're welcome.

3. Wegman's aka Heaven

If you were in earshot of anyone even whispering about a trip to Wegman's you knew that this may be your only chance to get out of Alfred for the day...and you don't need anything, but you never miss an opportunity to pile in a car and go to the mecca of all supermarkets.

4. Snow days DO NOT exist

This is an average day in Alfred from late October until the end of March. So suck it up and deal with it. Girls, you also learned very early on in your freshman year that Uggs don't cut it in Alfred. They just don't.

7. You probably took an astronomy class "just for credits"

But you actually never realized how awesome it is that AU has one of the largest observatories of any university in the country. Suck on that "Big Ten" schools.

13. Pollywog Holler is a real place and it's incredible

If you somehow missed this in your four years, I sincerely feel bad for you. Take a few days off from your real-life job, head up to Alfred and go there. It's worth it.

20. And finally, because you know the friends you made are for a lifetime

It doesn't matter how many years pass by, or even if you didn't know someone that well during college. Wherever you go, if there is an AU alumni, you know that their door is always open to you because they can relate in some way or another. Some people say we "can't get over college," but it's not that. It's a piece of you that will be there forever.

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