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20 Things That Are Absolutely True On Your Birthday

Good Morning Sunshine! You're another day older and wiser!

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1. Some girls wake up like

2. They feel all sappy because death is slowly approaching

3. But not me! 24 years young, holler!!

4. So I jump into the shower like

5. Curse my aging body and try to get dressed

6. But then realize I don't care because it's my birthday and I'm fabulous!

7. I decide to skip my morning AND afternoon workout, and I feel glorious

8. I check my phone, Facebook, Twitter and e-mail

and feel amazing because I have the best friends and family that make me feel so loved!

9. I expect to walk into work like

10. And all my coworkers will be like

11. But instead it's like

for 8 hours...

12. And I start daydreaming about my delicious birthday dinner

13. And then Tweet about how I wish I had a bf on my bday

14. But then my best friend texts me and saves me from my agony

and reminds me we're going out to celebrate!

15. And I remember my Grandma/Grandpa/Aunt/Uncle/Parents sent me a b-day card

filled with love, of course. Just love.

16. 5 o'clock finally rolls around

17. And I'm so excited to celebrate

18. Then my dad reminds me it's a week night and I have work tomorrow

and I respond...

19. I continue to gorge myself

20. And then finally crawl into bed

filled with food, wine and love.

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