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10 Ways 20-Something Females Justify Relationships

We've all been there...knowing a relationship isn't quite working out, yet staying in it because you convince yourself it's awesome. Don't worry girl, you're not alone.

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1. Horoscopes.

It’s been so easy to lump all my previous boyfriends into a group of crappy matches because they all happened to be Virgos. I’m not saying, I’m just saying.

2. You like that?? OMG ME TOO!

Just because he watches True Blood and hates Orange Gatorade too doesn’t mean you’re meant to be.

3. Your Parents Like Him.

This means shit. Plenty of people put on a great front, and parents are easily fooled.

4. Your Friends Like Him.

Although your friends ultimately know best when it comes to their opinions of your man…sometimes they can be wrong.

5. You Went to College Together.

Believe it or not, men exist outside of college. Harder to find, but they’re out there.

6. He Introduces You as a Friend

If he calls you his GF in private, he sure as hell better say it in public. There’s no justifying that.

7. He'll Change.

No. No, he won't.

8. He Talks About Marriage and Kids.

Having a relationship isn’t a means to an end, and just because your goals are aligned doesn’t mean you are perfect for each other.

9. He's Great in Bed.

…do I really need to explain this one? Just remember, the guy under your sheets isn’t always the same guy on the streets.

RIP Heath. You beautiful, beautiful man.

10. He's Attractive.

You should probably just buy some cats and stop dating. Seriously.

And basically...

if all else fails, be single. Go on and get it girl. Grab a bottle of tequila and dive into that Ben and Jerry’s. You deserve it.

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