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    • lydiadicola

      I vaguely remember being carried out of the oral surgeon’s office by my husband and a nurse, then riding in a car. I was lucid but not really awake when I realized I was in the passenger seat in a parked car at Walgreens - my husband was filling my pain med prescription, but left me in the car…with the surgical cap still on my head and drooling on my own shoulder! Then we get home and he realizes he forgot to grab my purse with the house key in it; so he had to borrow a crowbar from the neighbor to break into our own house before coming back to the car to carry me to the couch. And to the people who got their wisdom teeth removed without general anesthesia…wow. I know that probably everyone doesn’t *need* it, but I get laughing gas for a cleaning because anything scraping against my teeth (even the thought of it!) just makes me have to put my head between my knees to keep from passing out. I’d gladly birth 10 more children than go to the dentist for any reason ever again!

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