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5 Reasons To Learn ASL... ASAP!

Have you ever thought about learning sign language?

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1. Become a better listener

As a non-verbal language, ASL requires a lot of eye contact and attention to body movements. After learning sign language, you are more likely to notice facial expressions and physical social cues.

2. Converse without speaking

Tell your friend something in a loud nightclub, across a large dinner table, or share a private joke on the subway. You could also chat underwater. Or with your mouth full. ASL opens up a whole world of possibility!

3. Become bilingual

Learning another language opens you up to new ideas and gives your brain a workout. Bilingualism gives you an advantage when job hunting, and also makes you a better lover. (… OK, maybe I made that last part up!)

4. Know what babies are thinking

Did you know that babies are capable of expressing their needs as early as 6 months old, but they aren't able to verbalize them? No wonder infants can be so cranky -- they are frustrated! Learning a few signs with your baby can help reduce emotional distress… for both of you!!

5. Make new friends

Deaf culture exists silently all around you… why limit your options? Your deaf coworker, family member, or customer might be totally fascinating -- but you'll never know if you don't try to engage them. Who knows, maybe your soul mate is deaf!

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