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    Zayn Malik Revolutionizes Turtlenecks After They Suffered A 105 Year Dry Spell

    It's a fact that no one has looked good in a turtleneck since 1908. But a new dawn is upon us thanks to Zayn.

    Fact: the last time someone looked good in a turtleneck was this man, sometime between 1901-1909.

    That was until 11/16/2013, when the life of turtlenecks took a dramatic turn when Zayn wore one on national television.

    Previously the only person that wore turtlenecks was your grandpa, and that wasn't hot. But Zayn made you realize how hot turtlenecks could be.

    Because even though the TN kind of prevented us from seeing his perfect neck, it also allowed us to witness the flawless swivel of his head.

    AND OPRAH TOUCHED HIS TURTLENECKED SELF, proving this was meant to be.

    He looked so damn good in that TN that he showed off his modest shirt in a magazine too.

    And it was so unexpectedly wonderful. Like you actually never knew you could feel this way about shirts with necks on them.

    Then he wore another turtleneck at the AMAs and it became clear that Zayn was literally born to wear this kind of shirt.

    All the other guys (hi guys I love you) wore regular shirts that exposed their neck, but it was clear from far away that the turtleneck had spoken.

    It was here to stay.

    It was born again.

    It was surperior than any other kind of shirt/sweater/piece of cloth that ever was.

    Zayn had begun a TN revolution. And not only that, but it was PRACTICAL because those things actually keep you warm.

    The years of turtlenecks and Zayn and perfection were just starting.

    Or had they started....alll those years ago........when the very first Zayn TN was worn on X factor. It was blue.

    No matter when it started, it was here to stay. And we were all #blessed because of it.