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    Zayn Malik With Long Hair Is The Most Perfect Version Of Zayn Malik

    Harry who.

    Recently Zayn of 1D has let his hair grow longer, resulting in a feeling that can only be compared to what it's like when you are drinking a hot chocolate in a log cabin wearing a comfy sweater and thick socks while it snows gently outside.

    Meaning, it's perfect.

    And when he walks with his head towards the ground he gives us a glimpse into the perfection that those locks are.

    And their whispy ways.

    And how the shorter strands frame his wonderful little face.

    And they sit by his brown eyes and wave hello to your melting soul.

    And sometimes he needs to move them out of the way, but he does it gently because they deserve respect and serenity.

    And the hair is like a being of its own. And it needs to be soothed and caressed.

    When people see his hair for the first time in person it's like they've been hit in the head by a falling angel.

    And when he walks his hair leaves a trail of fairy dust and rainbows and happiness.

    When he sings with his new hair and his head bounces around it's as if you've found money in the pocket of a jacket you haven't worn in a year.

    There's no denying that Zayn has never looked better.

    Even through this fence his hair shines through with it's volume and lusciousness.

    Also now that he has long hair he can do wonderful things to it. Like push it back and then look like THIS.

    It's hypnotizing.

    It's mesmerizing.

    It's pure beauty.

    Absolute joy.

    It's a great time to be alive.

    Thank you Zayn and thank you to your hair<3.