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    Zac Efron Actually Reunited With Some Of His "High School Musical" Castmates


    Today is a big day for High School Musical fans. Some might even say it's even more momentous than the insanely clear reflection Troy saw of himself in HSM2.

    This is why: you might remember that Zac was missing from the big 10-year reunion of High School Musical.

    And TBH, I thought we'd never see Zac with a High School Musical-er again. BUT I WAS WRONG!!!

    Because Zac reunited with Lucas Grabeel (AKA Ryan Evans) and Corbin Blue (AKA Chad) last night to see Corbin's performance in Holiday Inn the musical.

    They go see a musical. I mean, if that isn't a sign that 2016 is getting better, than I don't know what is.

    We should all feel blessed today at the guys of High School Musical have reunited and our teenage years were all worth something. Bye!