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26 Reasons You Should Definitely Never Ever Get A German Shepherd For A Pet

You're gonna wanna hear me out.

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1. First of all, they are clearly extremely aggressive.

Instagram: @ronindogtraining

4. Also obviously they are NOT a family dog.

Instagram: @_red_qeen_

8. They WILL attempt a hostile cuddle.

Instagram: @little_bird44

9. And they are known blanket hoggers. Your feet get cold too!

Instagram: @lokithegsd_

10. They will beat you in any sports game and make you feel bad about your athletic ability.

Instagram: @barrywhite_gsd

11. They will steal your job behind your back.

Instagram: @frankiediamondsgsd

13. Their ears have a mind of their own. These look like they are plotting something.

Instagram: @since1855

14. Clearly something diabolical going on here!!

Instagram: @gsdhenry

16. They have no sense of humor!

Instagram: @prukkia

18. And when it's cold, they'll just watch you shovel snow and not even offer to help.

Instagram: @blaze

20. I mean, the bottom line is, they are way, way, wayy too mean.

Instagram: @reaperthesleeper

22. You cant even sit on your own couch. IT BELONGS TO THEM.

Instagram: @zeusy_kaboosy

23. See this frisbee? It used to be alive. But now it's dead.

Instagram: @murray_thegsd

24. I mean, if I'm being honest, this picture is scary. One of the scariest photos I've ever seen.

Instagram: @grizzlybear_the_german

25. So yeah, definitely do NOT get a German Shepherd as a pet.

Instagram: @giovannidiluzio06

26. Because they will absolutely not bring you any joy at all or make your life worth living.

Instagram: @ripleyandmilo

So, I'll just take them all for myself.

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