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    Why We Should All Be Worried About Hayden Panettiere

    Because she's in a relationship with a real, live, human GIANT, of course.

    This is a lovely picture of Hayden and her boyfriend Wladimir. But wait. No, it isn't. WHERE IS SHE?

    Oh, there she is. ALL THE WAY DOWN THERE.

    Real talk — I'm worried about her.

    I mean, seeing someone in the company of a giant is very worrisome!!!

    Fact: She's 5'2" and he's 8'7"!!!

    At any point he could roll over and squish her like a potato chip on a couch.


    Here he is literally trying to push her straight down into the sand with his hand!!!

    And what about her neck? WE SHOULD BE CONCERNED ABOUT HER NECK!

    Look at her twisting her poor neck just to see his face.

    Be safe with your giant, Hayden.