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    Apr 29, 2020

    Whoopi Goldberg Attempted To Make Herself A Meal And I Gasped At The Result

    It's...not good!

    First of all, Whoopi Goldberg is on TikTok. She only has two so far. In the first, she played the role of Mother Earth.



    ♬ original sound - therealwhoopigoldberg

    And in the second, she tried to make herself a meal. But not a really elaborate meal...just...pasta. Like, just a simple pasta dish. Please watch.


    Another tale from the #BougieBitch #TheUnqualifiedHostess #imhungry #setthetable #homealone #takeout #icantcook

    ♬ original sound - therealwhoopigoldberg


    I will say that Whoopi starts off on a good cutting garlic with gloves on! We all know how that smell lingers on your fingers for DAYSSSSS. I commend her clever thinking here.

    But then, suddenly there's just a shit ton of garlic cloves swimming in oil in a pan.

    And then, the meal is ready and it's literally just spaghetti with 4,000 cloves of whole garlic!!!

    Oh, and also there's a side of garlic bread.

    I love garlic, this okay?????????????

    In the end, Whoopi said she'd never cook again and only order in. Too bad, because I was looking forward to more meals like this. But oh well. Bye!

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