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What Do You Think Is The Funniest Tweet Of 2016?

Share with me.

The year 2015 gave us some pretty good tweets.

[My Wedding] Me: I do Guests: Awww Me: Or do I? Guests: Ooooo

It really was good to us in the form of 140 characters or less.

*sits 27 hours for an oil on canvas portrait* omg delete that. Bartholomew i'm serious do not fucking hang that in the Great Hall

But that was 2015. And even though 2016 is a garbage year...

Sarah Burton / BuzzFeed


Like this one.

These looks like stills from a film about a man who takes his weak nana to see the water one last time.

And this one.

do you want to have a few pancakes, you wuss, or do you want to get real

And this one:

friend: how are things? me: things are good! narrator: things were not good

It's funny because it's true.

So go on, in the comments share with me the tweet or tweets from 2016 that you thought were hilarious. I'll be waiting here for the laughs.