19 Simple Facts About The Human Body That You Probably Didn't Realize Until You Just Read Them

    Sorry in advance for making you all say "poop."

    Hey, guys. I was bored, so I read this Reddit thread, and I learned so much about dumb/random things that my human vessel can do that I wanted to share with you. I have personally spent the last hour of my life trying all of these things, so now you can do the same. HAVE FUN EXPERIMENTING WITH YOUR BODY!!!

    1. "When you say the word 'poop,' your mouth does the same movement your butthole does when you poop."


    2. "You can't hum with your nose plugged."


    3. "You can only swallow 2–3 times before your body forces you to wait to try again."


    4. "You can tickle yourself by rubbing your tongue on the roof of your mouth."


    5. "Your forearm is about the same length as your foot."


    6. "If you say 'haaah' your breath comes out warm, but when you say 'woooh' it comes out cold."


    7. "If you cover one eye, the other eye will dilate."


    8. "Your elbow skin is called your weenus. Also, you can pinch it as hard as you want and it won't hurt."

    — Lewis_is_on_Reddit

    9. "There is a muscle, called palmaris longus, in the forearm missing in about 10% of the population. You can easily test if you have it by putting your pinky and thumb together, while holding your palm facing up, and flex the hand upwards. If 1 tendon is standing out more than the others, that's palmaris longus."


    10. "If you squirt cold water into someone's ear with a syringe, their eyes will automatically turn to the side that you squirted the water. If you use warm water, their eyes will automatically turn to the other side."


    11. "Each one of your eyes has a blind spot where the optic nerve exit your eye into your brain. You can't see it because your brain tricks you not to see, it covers the spot with some made up image of what it thinks fits better with the rest of it." Here's how to test it.


    12. "Your tongue rests on the top of your mouth!"


    13. "Apparently, about 20% of people have a bony ridge on the roof of their mouth. Most people's palettes are smooth with a very slight ridge."


    14. "The majority of Caucasians and Africans have 'wet' sticky earwax, whereas majority of East Asians have a dry earwax. My Korean wife used to think my (European) ears were constantly infected."


    15. "If you stroke the inside of your thigh, your balls will rise. It’s called the cremasteric reflex." (sorry, this one is only for people with testicles)


    16. "You can’t swallow if you put your tongue to the left or right side of the mouth with your mouth closed."


    17. "If you lay your leg out flat and let it relax, you can wiggle your knee cap back and forth."


    18. "Some people can control the tympanic membrane in their inner ear, making a roaring sound that only they can hear."


    19. "Some people can’t picture things in their heads. It’s called aphantasia. For example, when someone says 'picture in your mind's eye,' they can’t see anything. There are degrees, flashes here and there, but nothing really concrete like a big bouncy rubber ball."


    Okay, tell me below what you have learned today about your special body and all the neat little tricks and things you can do with it. And also, feel free to share with the class other things you might know that no one else does.