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If You Can't Visualize These 12 Things In Your Mind, You Might Have Aphantasia

Does your mind's eye have super vision?

How strong is your mind's eye? Does it have perfect 20/20 vision, or do you have something called aphantasia? This quiz can tell you.

What's aphantasia, you ask? Well, it's "the inability to form mental images of real or imaginary people, places, or things." Basically it means you can't picture things in your mind. It's not a medical disability by any means, just think of it as being left-handed in a world that's 90% right-handed. It's not what the majority has, but makes no difference in your life. A lot of people never even realize they have aphantasia.

Sandra Bullock blindfolded in a boat with two children, in a scene from the movie Bird Box

Here's how this quiz works:

For the following questions, you'll be asked to visualize something based on a description I give you. Once you've done so, keep scrolling until you see the image of it, which you can compare with your visualization. Remember, it doesn't have to be exact!

Using the scale, rate how strong the image you've created in your head is. For example, if I describe a blue book and you can kinda "see" it but the details are foggy, move the slider towards the left. If you have a detailed image of the book in your head, slide it over to the right.

Also, a reminder that this quiz is not intended to be a medical diagnosis in any way! Aphantasia is simply the term people use to explain their inability to ~see~ things when they think of them, and you can read more about it here.