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    We Need To Talk About How Justin Bieber Is Weirdly Good At Literally Everything He Does

    I can barely make eggs.

    Look, I'm not here to start drama but I think we need to talk about how Justin Bieber is literally good at, like, everything he does. Besides being a singer. I'm talking other stuff.

    Kevin Winter / Getty Images

    Mostly sports stuff though.

    First of all, we already know he can actually dance.

    And play guitar.

    And play the piano.

    AND he's really good at the drums. I know, I know, you're like, "OK, Lauren, he's musically inclined, but that doesn't mean he's good at everything." And I hear you! But also, he kind of is.

    For example, besides being legitimately good at stuff having to do with music, he's also good at soccer.

    Specifically doing cool soccer moves.

    And he can actually handle a basketball.

    He can also hit three pointers, which is cool because they are worth three points each which is more than two points.

    He's surprisingly good at jumping rope.

    And he also seems to be a a natural at roller-skating.

    He's impressively good at pool.

    And judging by this one photo, he can surf:

    That makes sense because among alllllll the other things, he's actually really good at skateboarding.

    Exhibit B of him being good at skateboarding:

    Exhibit C of him being good at skateboarding:

    Of course he's also good at snowboarding.

    AND ice hockey (which I get because Canada).

    And obviously I can't forget that he's good at golf.

    TBH, the only thing he's NOT good at is this arcade game. Sorry, Justin, but you suck at this arcade game.

    But HOW THE FUCK IS JUSTIN BIEBER GOOD AT ALL OF THESE THINGS? (Other than having the time and money to spend practicing them all whenever he wants.) And as soon as he posts a video showing off his math skills, I'll be sure to include that, too.

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