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We Need To Talk About How Insanely Perfect Zac Efron And Sami Miro Are Together

Zami is where it's at.

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This is Zac Efron and Sami Miro.

They are dating. And they are both insanely hot.

They just celebrated their one year anniversary together, and both of them posted Instagrams to commemorate the occasion. It was sickeningly adorable.


Like, imagine a world where these two crazy good looking people aren't together. That world sucks. That world is a smelly pile of shit.

But a world in which Sami wears a backwards hat while Zac wears a straw one, that's the world I want to live in.

The reality is, if you take two perfect people and they fall in love, your life will actually greatly improve even if you aren't famous or know them at all.

Then, if you give them a selfie stick, peak relationship goals will be reached.

Remember when Zac Efron had a mustache and Sami wore a beret and they ADOPTED A DOG TOGETHER?

Fameflynet Pictures

And they walked around looking like fucking french models from another dimension WITH THEIR PUPPY.


And the whole thing became overwhelmingly adorable when Sami Instagrammed a picture of the two loves of her life.

Anytime these two are together it's a sensory explosion.

It seems like it would be impossible for such perfection to exist.

But Zac and Sami prove that nothing is impossible.

Even blurry pics of them together are 100,000,000x better than literally anyyy of your fav couples.

Want to be reminded that life isn't fair? Look at this picture of the two of them being flawless on a beach together:

Now look at another picture of them on that same beach but from a different angle and try not to cry.

OK, now do you want hope for the world? Then look at Zac being sleepy with Sami on his lap.

Literally any time they step out together it's like they walked out of a magazine for cool people and were like "K, we are gonna be cool in the real world now!"


It's like *ring ring* "yes, hello, perfection police? We've got some criminals over here!"

Uffe Kongsted / Uffe Kongsted/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES

In conclusion: THESE TWO ARE TOO MUCH.

In conlcusion part 2: LONG LIVE #ZAMI.

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