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    We Need To Discuss Global Treasure Alicia Vikander


    Good morning/afternoon/night/Shabbos to all of you. I brought you here to talk about global treasure, Alicia Vikander.

    Ian Gavan / Getty Images

    I say global because she is from Sweden, and currently I'm in America, so at this point in time she is literally being treasured on a multi-national level. But honestly she's a treasure to this whole world, so global it is.

    Jason Merritt / Getty Images

    First of all, this is how you pronounce her name. I don't personally understand what the below means, but maybe if you have a friend from Sweden they can help you figure that out.


    Jason Merritt / Getty Images

    She's dating Michael Fassbender...

    Mark Thompson / Getty Images

    ...which actually makes him the luckiest man on this planet.

    And anytime she's on a red carpet it's kind of like a goddess has been sent down from above to fill our hearts with warmth.

    Justin Tallis / AFP / Getty Images

    I meannnnn, she always looks stunning.

    Jason Merritt / Getty Images

    I'm talking PERFECT.

    Jason Merritt / Getty Images

    No, better than perfect — like perfect plus, kind of like the Shampoo.

    Ian Gavan / Getty Images


    Ian Gavan / Getty Images

    She can even pull off that confusing wet hair look. It's a miracle.

    Ian Gavan / Getty Images

    To be totally honest with you guys, she makes my heart beat fast and slow all at the same time.


    And even though she's new to the whole Hollywood thing, she's already got it down.

    Because she's smart and observant.

    And she makes fashion choices that are also health conscious.

    Let's face it: She's adorable.

    And charming.

    And that's it, now we've officially talked about global treasure Alicia Vikander, and you can JOIN THE CLUB.


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