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We Can All Agree That Arya Stark Is Actually A Lesbian, Right?

I don't care what happened last night; I know the truth.

Excuse my French, but last night on Game Of Thrones, Arya boned Gendry.

And on behalf of all lesbians everywhere, I'd like to say no thank you, and how rude!!!

Cause how you gonna have Arya hook up with Gendry when...she gay!!!

It's just fact.

happy for Arya and a nice lil consensual empowering moment of sex on the show but Arya Stark not being a powerful lesbian is the LEAST believeable thing in this show about zombies and dragons #GamefThrones

Some things are just known to be true, and this is one of them!

got trying to make me believe arya is not a lesbian

Not only is Arya a power top, but also that outfit was definitely ordered off of Wildfang.

Now, I understand that she doesn't wanna die a virgin and she is going through her curiosity phase wondering if a man could satisfy her, so sure, she wanted to see what Gendry/le peen is all about.

But! This face after sex with a dude can only mean one thing:

Arya: “Yep, I’m definitely gay”

Some things you can't ignore.

Jon: ur my aunt Samwell: take this big ass sword Brienne of Tarth: I’m a knight Jaimie: ur a knight Arya: fuck im gay

Eventually it becomes unavoidable.

Is this Arya contemplating death or is it her finally realizing she’s gay

Even T-Pain knows what's up.

“That was trash”- Arya probably


arya was laying next to that man after they clapped cheeks like "is this is what everyone was yelling about???" she should've hooked up with a lesbian stud like the many faced god intended. my child, abeg. #DemThrones

Yara, come back, Arya needs you.

In conclusion:

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