23 Perfect Tweets About The Bonkers New Netflix Show "Love Is Blind"

    Need more episodes now. Also, SPOILER ALERT.

    There's a new dating show on Netflix called Love Is Blind, and it is next-level bonkarooni! The premise is people go and talk to potential mates in "pods" where they can't see the other person. They just have to connect with someone based off their – GASP — personality.

    Then, after what seems like two conversations, the guys choose a girl to propose to, they get engaged, and then they finally meet. It's like if The Circle and Married at First Sight had a baby.

    So yeah, obviously I can't stop watching it. And here are 23 A++++ tweets about my new favorite show...



    i just started that chaotic ass netlifx show "love is blind" first of all its cute that nick lachey was like “obviously im nick lachey” -- obvious to whomst sister??


    No one: Absolutely no one: Every couple, after 2 dates, on Netflix's Love is Blind:


    @margeincharge #LoveIsBlind asks the question: "Can beautiful people have meaningful relationships with other beautiful people without knowing how beautiful they both are?" Their attractiveness is their load to bear.


    “Love is Blind” is by far the corniest and most cringe show on Netflix. It’s unrealistic and so stupid.... I’ll take 3 more seasons please #loveisblindnetflix


    These people on this Love is Blind Netflix show just said “I love you” after speaking to each other 3 times through a wall.....


    me when im on Love is Blind in the rafters making sure my partner isnt ugly


    I’m excited for people to watch Love Is Blind, legit one of the worst shows I have ever seen. On the pilot, one woman says, “I'm not saying i want to marry Shrek, but if Shrek had a good personality…” which is literally the plot of Shrek.


    Love is blind rlly had 3 girls in love with a dude named Barnett #LoveIsBlind


    Not to be dramatic, but I’m 10 minutes into Love Is Blind, and I would die for Cameron & Lauren.


    I’m sorry but LOOK at Barnettes shoes!!! I don’t understand them, love is apparently blind


    My favourite documentary on the crisis of heterosexuality is Love Is Blind on Netflix.


    Lauren : I love you. Cameron: I love you. Me watching Love is Blind noticing it’s only been 37 minutes into Episode 1:


    Love is blind is great and all but when do they bring in the catfishes


    ive been watching love is blind and this girl jessica sounds EXACTLY like this


    *Love is Blind netflix show* Jessica: *meets and gets engaged in a week* “I want to take it slow.


    Me: Love is Blind is stupid and pointless and..... Lauren: “us against the world.” Me:


    @emilyfavreau Cameron proposed after FIVE days. It takes me 5 days of going back and forth to commit to buying a shirt online. And I can see pictures of the shirt.


    Love is Blind: the reveal of Jessica, the 34yo with the sexy baby voice, as the villain is 👌🏼. Perfect.


    The best thing about Love is Blind might be how the couples talk wistfully about The Pods once they’re in Mexico


    If I produced Love Is Blind I would lock down the pods halfway through the speed dating and turn them into escape rooms.


    The craziest thing about love is blind is that everyone is dressing up for these pod dates when they could easily be chilling in sweatpants


    More wine is consumed on the first five episodes of Love Is Blind than Olivia Pope drank throughout seven seasons of Scandal


    The premise of love is blind is actually not that far fetched if you ever spent any time in an aol chat room.