27 Exceptional Tweets About “Tàr” I Rounded Up Exclusively For The 17 Lesbians Who Have Seen It So Far

    Lydia Tàr is not real. But she kind of is.

    Dear the lesbians (and handful of straights) who saw Tàr, thank you for doing your part! As a gift, I've compiled the following tweets about Mrs. Lydia Tàr slash the movie based on her. If you have not seen Tàr, do not read this post because you won't get the tweets and you'll just feel silly for not seeing the movie. Anyway, enjoy!


    that viral video of lydia tár guest teaching the juliard class:

    Nickelodeon / Twitter: @phntmthrd


    Can’t stand all these fake Lydia Tár “fans” who never even heard of her before the movie 😤

    Twitter: @aspaul


    I saw Lydia Tár at a grocery store in Los Angeles yesterday. I told her how cool it was to meet her in person, but I didn’t want to be a douche and bother her and ask her for photos or anything. She said, “Oh, like you’re doing now?”

    Twitter: @phosphor_glow


    if lydia tár isn’t real then which lesbian fingerblasted me to symphony no.9 in e minor last night

    Twitter: @dunwaIl


    I heard Lydia Tár made her special salad dressing for a Russian cellist and Sharon is NOT happy.

    Twitter: @cameronscheetz


    Lydia Tár watching Cate Blanchett win her third Oscar for playing her (she was not invited to the ceremony)

    HBO / Twitter: @Film_Butt


    bitches think they're lydia tár but they're actually linda tarr

    Twitter: @yurirubicela


    Yeah if Lydia Tár is conducting https://t.co/z0mz2lpEeg

    Twitter: @rosedommu


    the lydia tár you see in the movie is not the lydia tár i know. yes, lydia has made some mistakes - haven’t we all? - but she is also an exceedingly kind and generous person who was there for me through some very rough times. shame on hollywood

    Twitter: @andylevy


    every tweet about Lydia Tár going viral like police didn't find human remains and evidence of cannibalism in her LA home that she sold in 2013

    Twitter: @tylergilfoster


    I know she’s problematic but you can’t just erase Lydia Tár…

    Twitter: @Srirachachau


    Just saw Lydia Tár wandering around the food court in the Century City mall

    Twitter: @allyroche


    looks like Twitter is already bringing back some of the suspended accounts. here we go…

    Twitter: @johnsemley3000


    The greatest trick Lydia Tár ever pulled was convincing the world she didn’t exist

    Twitter: @isaacfeldberg


    Fyi, Lydia Tár won her Emmy for her appearance on The Muppet Show.

    Twitter: @FantomasCinema


    Lydia Tár is not real but she did date Holland Taylor from 2003 to 2006.

    Twitter: @louisvirtel


    Twitter: @ellietoadd


    Just met this great girl at the dyke bar. Her name is Linda Tarr, beautiful older mommy domme. She plays piano like me and we even talked all about the Kingdom Hearts Symphony playing at the Alex in Glendale. I think she might be the one!

    Twitter: @carolaverygrant


    Tàr is about being a swagged out lesbian

    Twitter: @autogynefiles


    Off to the airport via the Queens-Midtown Tunnel like my role model Lydia Tár.

    Twitter: @aliarikan


    Lydia Tár - Apartment for Sale. https://t.co/bGelJ5X48R

    Alamy Stock Photo / Twitter: @ItsTheBrandi


    me under my viral tweet: wow this really blew up lol. lydia tar is real

    Twitter: @bmrow


    lydia tár is real she places a baton and a power suit under your pillow every time you lose a tooth

    Twitter: @McHenryJD


    Amazing! EGOT recipient Lydia Tár is on Hot Ones to promote the release of her upcoming TárTár sauce. Wishing her well!

    Twitter: @AahilDayani


    lydia tar is real she’s literally an egot winner

    Twitter: @jihanebousfiha_


    Lydia Tár: *is a despicable person* Lesbian Twitter: "she calls herself a uhaul lesbian and says good girl"

    Twitter: @sapphicfrances


    Twitter: @julesblanchett

    Bye, seeing Tàr again.