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17 Times The Kardashians Were Having The Time Of Their Lives At The VMAs

There's no place like the present.

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1. When Kim, Kylie, and Kendall texted people to tell them how fun the show was.

2. When they kept texting about the fun show.

3. When they had such a good time they couldn't wait to text their friends about it.

4. When their friends responded to their texts about how fun everything was and they wrote back.

5. When they kept updating their friends via text about fun things.

6. When there were too many people to text about the good times.

7. When everything was so exciting they had to just take it all in.

8. When Kylie was like, "Oh wait one of my friends just responded to my text about how much fun I'm having."

9. When Kim adjusted herself because things were getting wild.

10. When they furiosuly chewed their gum to the beat of the song that they were loving.

11. When life was great and the show was exciting and they couldn't hide their exuberance.

12. When they wanted to update their friends again about all of the excitment.

13. When Kim texted Kanye and said, "Tell North I'm going to be out late because I'm having a really good time."*

*No proof that this is a real text.

14. When the the girls canceled all of their plans for the rest of their lives because they wanted to stay in their seats forever.

15. "It's crazy fun here. You should be here."

16. "Seriously you are missing out."

17. "This is the best night of our lives."

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