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22 Times Patrick Stewart And Ian McKellen Proved They Are The Greatest Best Friends Of 2013

These two.

1. When they casually put their arms around each other, in a beautiful gesture of love and support.

2. When Patrick drove up in his car to find Ian sitting there and he took this creepshot and also the fact that they call each other SIR.

3. When Ian posed with a wax statue of Patrick because he couldn't be away from him too long.

4. The time they went on an adventure together to pose with this bull and Patrick made that face in the back.

5. When they sat together on a bench, just looking adorable and enjoying each other's company:

6. When they read together with their matching glasses sitting on the edge of their noses.

7. When they stood butt to butt:

8. And when they shared the experience of going to see the Christmas tree and took this selfie:

9. When they decided to go for a jog together in their little hats:

10. When they posed next to garbage and gave the thumbs-up because it didn't matter where they were, just as long as they were together:

11. The time they went to the top of the Empire State Building together:

12. And when they went out for drinks and probably got tipsy and told each other secrets all night:

13. When Ian made Patrick dinner, and not just any dinner but RISOTTO, which takes time and patience.

14. When they went on a field trip to Times Square to meet Elmo together:

15. When Patrick called him and Ian "the boys":

16. And when they ate corn and hot dogs and made these faces:

17. When Patrick was using a bow and crossbow for the first time and Ian stood there and watched and trusted that he wouldn't get shot by accident:

18. When Ian McKellen married Sir Patrick.

19. Like, was actually the officiate at his wedding.

20. When they held hands like this in a major public display of affection:

21. That time they celebrated Thanksgiving together and made this beautiful turkey:

22. And when they got this picture taken at Coney Island, basically sealing their friendship forever and also proving THEY ARE THE MOST AMAZING FRIENDS THAT EVER LIVED.