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24 Times Leonardo DiCaprio Was A Total Badass

As if you ever even thought otherwise.

1. When he gave the middle finger and was totally chill with Tobey Maguire licking his ear.

2. When he posed like an extremely cool dude with Michael Jackson.

3. When he wore plaid pants with Adidas shoes and jumped on his friends.

4. When he danced in the club with an e-cig.

5. When he tore around town on a fuckin' VESPAAAAA.

6. When he threw up the WESTSIDEEEEEEE symbol with a bunch of his bros.

7. When he wore this BALLLERRRRR purple tracksuit.

8. When he killed it on the go-kart course.

9. When he went WILD on this rollercoaster.

10. When he fed this animal.

11. When he wore a helmet AND a hat like a AN AWESOME DUDE.

12. When his teeth were ballin' and held up this cup.

13. When he smoked a cigar and showed off his creature in liquid.

14. When he built his own personal fort.

15. When he held a swan. A FUCKIN' SWAN.

16. When he drove this sweet-ass car and was like, "I'm gonna talk on my cell phone!" like a true rebel.

17. When he just let his head hang out the window cause that's how he rolls.

18. When he chilled with his arm up like it ain't no thang.

19. When he was was totally confident in a headband.

20. When he sprawled across rocks 'cause he's Leo and he doesn't care about rocks.

21. When he wore this cool mask with sunglasses over it like a total badass.

22. When he sported a tiny but manly ponytail.

23. And when he ate a noodle like a noodle king.

24. Yup total badass. NBD.