17 Times Justin Bieber Sharted In The Middle Of Taking A Picture

    UGH, that awkward moment that you are about to take a photo and then all of a sudden you have to fart but then it's a SHART and it gets caught on camera. It's the woooooooooooorst.

    1. This time:

    2. This time:

    3. THIS time:

    4. Definitely this time:

    5. And this time:

    6. And WHOAA this time was big:

    7. This time:

    8. This time in the middle of a PERFORMANCE:

    9. This time:

    10. This other time:

    11. This OTHER other time:

    12. This time too:

    13. This time:

    14. THIS time in the dark:

    15. This time he didn't see it coming:

    16. This time:

    17. And ESPECIALLY this time:

    ***There is no proof that he is actually sharting in any of the above photos***