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    23 Times Jonathan From "Queer Eye" Was The World's One True Gay Hero

    I believe.

    Hello world, Queer Eye is back, and unless you hate joy (and also a good makeover), you should be watching it. Also you should realize that Jonathan is the light and treasure of the Fab Five.

    1. And yeah, his hair is perfect. But that's not even why. What it boils down to is that he's hilarious.

    2. And everything that comes out of his mouth is a gift from god.

    3. He asks the questions that we all want to know the answer to.

    4. Including extremely important ones while walking through a firehouse.

    5. He's honest.

    6. Like, brutally honest.

    7. And yet he's still the sweetest guy in the room.

    8. His eye for fashion is incomparable.

    9. Look at him wearing those red mittens. No one else could pull that off, I'm telling you.

    10. Also, he's perceptive.

    11. And he doesn't mess around with long, complicated answers. Simplicity is key!

    12. But probably most importantly, he's supportive af.

    13. Like, he genuinely loves seeing people ~shine~.

    14. He's like the Santa of compliments.

    15. And he's always making people feel good.

    16. And honestly it makes me feel good even though I am not involved in the lives of these people at all.

    17. Plus, he knows who he is and owns it 1000000000%.

    18. Even though straight people are not to be trusted with gay secrets...

    19. ...he can see past their faults and be kind to them anyway.

    20. And even make them look like they didn't just buy three new pairs of cargo shorts.

    21. Basically Jonathan Van Ness is a hero sent from gay heaven.

    22. Here to teach us not to care when your bun has a mind of its own.

    23. And also how to properly attract someone on the dance floor.

    P.S. Jonathan, if you're looking to switch it up and make a lesbian look pretty, I volunteer to be groomed.