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21 Times Jennifer Lawrence Totally Nailed The Whole Interview Thing

She's mastered the art of the interview.

1. When she spilled Altoids everywhere but recovered swiftly and subtly:

2. When she answered this obvious question matter-of-factly:

3. When she tripped on the red carpet but landed beautifully by gripping other humans:

4. When she stealthily gave Josh Hutcherson the middle finger. SO SNEAKY!

5. When she expressed herself gracefully while making these faces:

6. When she got to the point...

7. the real bread and butter...

8. the stuff that matters!

9. When she politely dry-heaved:

10. When she thoughtfully asked her friend how he was feeling:

11. When she proudly revealed her pre-interview activities:

12. When she gave this honest answer:

13. And when she did this hand movement that is deceivingly dirty:

14. When she banged her mouth on a microphone but recovered...


15. When she selflessly didn't shake Ryan Seacrest's hand:

16. And when she volunteered to let the microphone holders' arms rest:

17. When she explained what a true artist was and redefined what it means to be an actress:

18. When she turned an adjustment into a Kodak moment:

19. And the other times she turned boob chat into real, honest statements.

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20. When she was totally mature about what Peetniss sounds like:

21. And when she actually gave the perfect response to all the haters out there:

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