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27 Times Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson Proved They Have The Best Offscreen Relationship Ever

These two are TOO MUCH when they are together.

1. When they were just young kids, and Josh wore a weird necklace but this photo was like a foreshadowing of what was to come.

2. When they expressed their pain over not filming with each other as much in the third movie:

3. And when Jennifer literally knew everything about Josh, including his hatred for chewing straws:

4. When they said they loved each other...but like a bro and sis:

5. When Josh witnessed Jennifer spilling Altoids and was like, "OOOooohhhhh Jenniferrrrrrr."

6. When Jennifer (and Liam) threw Josh around like a rag doll and he loved it:

7. And when Jennifer put her hands all over Josh's face and he was all smooshed and just sat there...


8. When Josh playfully teased Jennifer about being an Oscar winner:

9. And she gave him the finger because they are so loving with each other:

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10. When Josh tried to make an entrance to the group photo and Jennifer welcomed him with open arms:

11. Literally with open arms.

12. Like, she's always happy to see him.

13. And sometimes she throws Mentos at him...

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14. So he calls her a bully.

15. When they took this selfie while on a panel and didn't care what was going on around them:

16. And when they posed for this portrait and everyone was serious and boring except Josh was grabbing Jennifer's ear and it was weird/adorable.

17. When Josh told Jennifer to watch out for that small white thing on the floor:

18. When Jennifer made sure Josh's rash was OK because she cares.

19. And since his rash was fine she could hug and squeeze him and they could laugh together.

20. When she did a robot-type thing in front of him and he looked at her in amazement.

21. And when she was quick to make sure he wasn't hurt after being hit in the face by Liam:

22. When they both made fun of calling each other "hun" and it was pleasant to watch:

Gif via here.

23. When then they attacked each other on the red carpet and Liam was like, "Ha ha ha my silly friends..."

24. And they just kept attacking each other because that's what red carpets are for:

25. When they agreed that their relationship is perfect and healthy and they totally get each other.

26. When they bickered like an old married couple when asked if they ever get sick of each other:

27. And whenever this happened. Because this photo says it all.