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18 Moments That Will Turn You Into A Pine Nut Immediately

Chris Pine > all other Chris'.

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1. When he showed off his feminist colors:

2. When he admitted he just likes to be cozy:

3. When once again, he was all for girl power.

4. When he revealed his delicate heart:


5. When he humbly said he's not good at anything (lol) and then said he'd be a teacher if he wasn't an actor:

8. When he spoke out on inequality:


9. When he just wanted love to conquer hate:

10. When his thoughts on individuality were wiser than an owl's:

11. When he just wanted to keep it PG for the kids:


13. When he subtly dissed Marvel but only cause he hates war:

14. When he looked you straight in the eyes and said that ambition is sexy.

15. When he confessed to weeping during Up.

17. And when we found out that he has a soft spot in his heart for Spongebob bandaids.