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This Is Why Ohio State University's Marching Band Is Actually The Best Damn Band In The Land

There's no comparison. It's a beautiful thing.

Because they can make a dinosaur walk and eat a human:

And a cowboy riding a bull:

Because they can make a choo-choo train actually CHOO-CHOO:

And drive a car across the field:

Because they can unite lovers:

And have a dude go field-surfing:

Because they brought Quidditch to life:

And made Superman real:

Because they lifted a car over their head:

And galloped as Epona from Zelda:

Because they made this guitar:

...and this spaceship...

...and this dancing alien:

Because they created a giant-sized Tetris...

...Space Invaders...

AND Pacman.

OH HECK, just watch the entire video game–themed show:

View this video on YouTube

Because the entire band came together to MOONWALK...

...then do a split:

And because they form this beautiful word at every game and it makes you feel at home.

In conclusion: OSU marching band is indeed TBDBITL.