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    This Is What The Cast Of "Mike's Super Short Show" Looks Like Today

    I know you've been wondering.

    Been wondering what the ensemble cast of Mike's Super Short Show looks like today? Cool, you came to the right post!

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    First, you've got Mike (real name Mike Johnson). Here's Mike then:

    Here's Mike now:

    Mike then:

    Mike now:

    Then, you've got Sally (whose real name actually wasn't Sally, because it's Alyson Stoner, the Missy Elliott girl.) Anyway, here's Sally then:

    Here's "Sally" now:

    "Sally" then:

    Sally/Alyson Stoner now:

    No word on where Mom is, but I guarantee she's gonna be pissed if you don't take the chicken out of the freezer.

    And that's the cast of Mike's Super Short Show today.

    As they say in the biz: