This Is What Happened At Taylor Swift's 1989 Secret Sessions

    There was a lot of baking.

    Taylor Swift released this behind the scenes video of when she lured people into her several homes to force them to listen to her new album and eat homemade cookies. She called these events the #1989SecretSessions.

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    Just kidding about the above BTW, this was all voluntary and I'm really jealous.

    Besides the obvious stuff happening like fans being really excited to meet Taylor Swift, we learned that Taylor bakes in a '50s style apron while wearing a turtleneck and heels.

    She puts the cookies into the oven HERSELF.

    She uses a British flag patterned oven mitt to take the hot tray out of the oven.

    She serves said cookies to everyone.

    She lets people play with her cat.

    And she peeks out of her window like this.

    The end. I want to be Taylor's best friend.