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    This Is The Ridiculously Hot Male Model From Taylor Swift's "Blank Space" Video

    It's time for Sean to shine.

    Ladies and gentlemen, this is Sean O'pry.

    He's Taylor Swift's latest boy toy in the "Blank Space" video.

    And in real life, he's this insanely good-looking male model.

    Like, almost disturbingly good-looking.

    It's kind of painful actually.


    It's chiseled out of marble and made to perfection.


    Taylor gets to make out with this guy in the video.

    Which means she got to press her lips against THESE LIPS.

    And be close to that jaw.

    And those eyes.

    And this, which can be found underneath his shirt.

    Sean is obviously a big supporter of looking good while cuddling with dogs.

    And monkeys.

    And making you jealous of dolphins.

    He's the music video boyfriend of our dreams.

    Thank you Taylor for bringing this man to our attention.

    Sucks that it didn't work out between you two.

    But it's OK...