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21 Things That Happened At The 2013 American Music Awards

Here's what you might have missed from last night's show. Hint: Miley did some stuff, and more!

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1. Justin teased Taylor with his own surprise face:

2. This guy behind Pitbull wanted to soak in his TV moment:

3. Sarah Silverman made this joke about the nominees for soul/R&B album:

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

4. Taylor Swift danced...

5. A lot.

6. TLC reunited to sing "Waterfalls" with Lil Mama doing Lisa ("Left Eye") Lopes' part:

7. Niall Horan fanboyed to Nelly performing:

8. Rihanna pulled a Lorde:

9. Christina Aguilera showed off her new self and was classic Christina:

10. But also killed it on the stage:

11. R. Kelly sat in between Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift and said SOMETHING:

12. And then he and Lady Gaga were JFK and Marilyn Monroe:

Watch the full performance here.

13. Rico from Hannah Montana creepily photobombed Zayn and Niall:

14. Katy Perry was a geisha and then magically disappeared:

15. Lady Gaga arrived on a human-powered unicorn:

Mario Anzuoni / Reuters / Reuters

16. Macklemore paid tribute to Trayvon Martin:

Watch his acceptance speech here.

Watch his acceptance speech here.

17. 2 Chainz wore this:

18. Rihanna's mom presented her with the icon award and then they hugged...

19. ...and Justin Timberlake loved it:

20. Miley sang with a crying cat:

21. And then her cat pulled a Miley:

Watch her whole performance here.

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