16 Things Famous People Were Photographed Doing This Week

    Maybe famous people ARE kinda just like us???

    1. Kristen Stewart looked ~peaceful~ in denim:

    2. Jaden Smith scooted around on his luggage:

    3. Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez boarded their PJ:

    4. Chris Pratt had his umbrella held for him:

    5. However, Julianne Moore carried her own package:

    6. The Jo Bros got some cawfee:

    7. Orlando bloom toted his dog around:

    *zooms for dog*

    8. Hillary Duff said hi to a dog in a jacket:

    9. Shawn Mendes took some selfies:

    10. Danny Trejo looked concerned:

    11. Rita Ora showed off her airport fashion:

    12. Justin Bieber looked like a champ(ION!!):

    13. Mel Gibson bought Girl Scout cookies:

    14. Tom Hiddleston walked his dog:

    15. Pete Wentz got some food truck food:

    16. And Pete Davidson and Kate Beckinsale walked in unison. Together. Touching each other. As one...: