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16 Things Drake Looked Like When Kentucky Lost The National Championship

Sad Drake is sad.

1. Like a lost child:

why drake look like he got left alone at the mall and can’t find his mom

2. Like he's holding an empty box of animal crackers:

Drake looks like he ran out of animal crackers

3. Like a lost puppy:

Drake be looking like a lost puppy lookin for home..

4. Like a kid in science class:

Drake look like he couldn't find a partner for a class project

5. Like this:

drake look like he got stood up at prom.

6. Like his mom left him behind:

Why drake look like his mom forgot him some where

7. Like he's in the principal's office:

drake look like he in trouble at school and they called his mom

8. Like he's a baskteball wife:

Why @Drake look like a mad basket ball wife...

9. Like he just missed his flight:

Why Drake always looks like he just missed his flight ??

10. Like he's the last man standing:

Drake looks like he's the last one to be picked during recess

11. Like he's a sad girl at prom:

Drake lookin like that one girl at prom that nobody wants to dance with

12. Like maybe he just needs a big hug:

13. Like he is actually on the team:

Smh wow Drake lookin like he missed the game winning shot, like he gotta run laps with the team tomorrow or something

14. Like he's security:

Drake out here lookin like Secret Service

15. Like an angry girlfriend:

Drake looking like an angry girlfriend "you never take me anywhere nice"

16. And finally, like a tribute:

Drake looking like he bout to die for his district