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    19 Things Adam Sandler Looks Like Now


    When I think of Adam Sandler, I think of this. A man in basketball shorts. Classic!


    But now a new kind of Adam Sandler has been burned into memory.

    Ayeeeee, it's dis guyyyyy right heeeyyaaaa.

    Da troof is, Idk the backstory of these photos. I don't know why Adam Sandler looks like this, or what he was doing in this jewelry store. I have a hunch it's for some kind of performance art AKA a movie, but, who knows!

    Maybe this is just the new Adam Sandler! Now we have to deal with it!

    So anyway, here are 19 things that people think Adam Sandler looks like now.


    Adam Sandler look like he sells blow at the bowling alley


    Adam Sandler Look Like He Own Every Gas Station In Chicago ‘


    Why does Adam Sandler look like he's about to get arrested at Applebees?


    Adam Sandler looks like he sells cologne at the mall.


    Why does Adam Sandler look like a well known celebrity jeweler who is under a criminal investigation?


    Why does Adam Sandler looks like he own a couple party stores in dearborn 😭


    Adam Sandler absolutely look like he run the coldest cell phone repair shop off MLK.


    Adam Sandler looks like he owns the vape shop on 18th and Ritner


    Adam Sandler looks like an Italian who owns a pizza restutant on the east coast


    Adam Sandler looks like the villain in a 1991 Steven Seagal movie


    Adam Sandler looks like the Uber driver doing it ‘just to stay busy’ who then tries to sell you ketamine and some speakers in his trunk


    Adam Sandler looks like AJ from the backstreet boys’ stand in


    Adam Sandler looks like he stands outside Gamestop and charges underage kids to trade in their games.


    Adam Sandler look like he own every pawn shop in Detroit/Dearborn


    My boy Adam Sandler looks like he's bout to start working towards 7th degree black belt and throw support for the Kremlin in 20 yrs


    Adam Sandler looks like the Uncle from New York who teaches you how to gamble at 8 years old down in the basement while all the other adults are upstairs.


    Adam Sandler has turned into a Staten Island cop heading to a weekend BBQ with other staten island cops


    Adam Sandler looks like he owns every Pronto on Staten Island


    Adam sandler looking like hes about to whip up the best sauce and meatballs ever

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