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    The Top 3 Most Perfect, Incredible, Must-See Photos Of Joe Jonas And His Dog

    I'm not sure you are ready for this.


    I don't know what's in the dog's mouth in this photo and I don't care. The resemblance here between Joe and Lola is subtle but strong. Both the dog and human's eyes are expressing so much fear, confusion, AND serenity. This picture places third in this countdown as you see on the side where the number "3" can be found.


    Instagram: @joejonas

    Things just jumped from borderline boring to club-jumping HOT. I wouldn't be surprised if you just lept off your chair and shat your pants a little (everyone sharts!). Not only do we have a HALF-NAKED JO-BRO, but we have eye-bulging cuteness coming from the furry little guy (the dog). I've never seen such symbiosis between a dog and an owner. It's really beautiful. You can cry now.


    THIS, ladies and gentlemen, is the #1 most perfect, amazing, must-see photo of Joe Jonas and his dog. BECAUSE HOLY BANANA PEELS, this DOG IS SMILING! AND JOE IS SMILING! YOU ARE SMILING! I AM SMILING! This picture defies all logic of space, time, and gravity. There is only you, and there is only this photo, nothing else exists in this world.

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