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    "The L Word: Generation Q" Characters Ranked From Absolute Worst To Absolute Best

    Team Dani forever.

    If you're queer and watching The L Word: Generation Q, then I know you have opinions. I sure do. And so today, I'm voicing them and ranking the characters of this season in order from worst to best.


    I should add that no matter how much I dislike anyone on this show, it will never lose my viewership. I am a loyal lesbian. OKAY, LET'S GO!

    14. Finley


    Sarah. Fucking. Finley. WHY MUST YOU BE HOW YOU ARE? I cannot find any real reason to like Finley other than — no, I really cannot find any reason to like Finley. I'm sorry if this seems harsh, but there is no other way to put it. She's the worst. Is she supposed to be likeable? Am I just an asshole? WHATEVER, I DO NOT LIKE HER, and I stand by these statements. 

    13. Sophie


    It was tough to decide who stunk more, Finley or Sophie. Honestly they are basically a tie, but the Buzzfeed CMS won't let me do a tie, so one had to come after the other. After some thought, I decided to give Sophie credit for being a good segment producer, and highlight our cute elder gays. Otherwise, she's...bad! Singing to the girl she cheated on her fiancé with in FRONT of her ex-fiancé? Flaunting her new relationship while someone she cared for/loved suffers? MEAN!!! SHE RUINED "CLOSER" FOR ME. Wait, I think Sophie should be the worst. I made a mistake. 

    12. Tina


    Tina, more like SNOOZETINA, amirite? My friend calls her "Tuna" because she stinks. To be fair, she's barely more than a prop this season, but I just am over Tina, so she goes here.

    11. Nat


    Nat, you said you'd fight for Alice, but then you didn't!!! STOP HURTING ALICE. Otherwise, I have nothing much to say about Nat. She's fine!

    10. Rosie's character


    I call her Rosie's character because I can never remember her name. Caryn? Carly? Carrie? I think it's Carrie. Anyway, Rosie's character makes me feel sad in my stomach, and I don't hate her, but I have other people that I care about more, you know? I will say that I appreciate her kindness, and I love to see Rosie as a full-blown gay on TV, but also, my life could go on without Carla. 

    9. Angie and Jordie


    They are kids and it feels wrong to judge them, so I'm just going to lump them together and say that the promposal was CUTE, and I hope they stay together because young love is adorable. JANGIE <3. 

    8. Bette


    Bette, Bette, Bette. Where to begin with you, Ms. Porter? OK, I'll start here: Bette could literally eat a human's face off and throw the skin and blood at me while calling me an ugly loser, and I'd still love her. She's Bette. But also, she was a bitch to Crayon and also a bitch to Gigi. If only she didn't look so good in a suit. 

    7. Shane


    Shane is there for everyone and mostly just says nothing and gives people money, which I like about her. I do wish Shane would change her hair — isn't she supposed to be like, John Varvatos or something? Either way, Shane is Shane and that's good with me, but again, I have my eyes set on others. 

    6. Alice


    I'm docking points from Alice because for some reason she loves Sophie and Finley, and therefore is friends with my enemies, and I don't love that for us. However, I do love that Alice always looks perfectly gay, says everything I'm thinking, and honestly, I just love her, I do.

    5. Maribel


    Queen Maribel. I feel bad for Maribel because she's related to Sophie and has to deal with that drama, but overall Maribel is one of my favorites. She's funny, blunt, and being friendly with mostly lesbians is HARD WORK, so kudos to her. 

    4. Gigi


    Gigi, oh my Gigi. No I'm not putting her here just because she's insanely hot. But also I'm not NOT putting her here for that reason. I wasn't always team Gigi, but over time I've realized that I was very, very wrong and should be spanked (BY GIGI)!

    3. Micah


    Oh sweet, sweet Micah. An angel living on this garbage Earth. The patience of this man. The tolerance! The compassion! HE IS A SAINT!!!! I want to be friends with Micah — love that guy.

    2. Tess


    Tess is such a close second that it's almost hard to put her as runner-up, but alas, decisions must be made. I love Tess. As much as Finley is the worst, Tess is the best. AND THAT'S THAT ON THAT!!!

    1. Dani


    I would die for Dani. I would also kill for Dani. Anything for Dani. ANYTHING FOR DANI, I SAID.

    And there you have it, my official ranking of the L Word: Generation Q characters. I know you're all going to want to yell at me, so please do so in the comments, and share your own rankings.

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