"The L Word: Generation Q" Characters Ranked From Absolute Worst To Absolute Best

    Team Dani forever.

    If you're queer and watching The L Word: Generation Q, then I know you have opinions. I sure do. And so today, I'm voicing them and ranking the characters of this season in order from worst to best.

    I should add that no matter how much I dislike anyone on this show, it will never lose my viewership. I am a loyal lesbian. OKAY, LET'S GO!

    14. Finley

    13. Sophie

    12. Tina

    11. Nat

    10. Rosie's character

    9. Angie and Jordie

    8. Bette

    7. Shane

    6. Alice

    5. Maribel

    4. Gigi

    3. Micah

    2. Tess

    1. Dani

    And there you have it, my official ranking of the L Word: Generation Q characters. I know you're all going to want to yell at me, so please do so in the comments, and share your own rankings.