The Official Amanda Bynes Timeline

What would Ashley say about her new ways?

1. Remember when she was just a little kid?

2. She was on “All That” on Nickelodeon.

3. She was arguably one of the best cast members ever.

Okay, they were ALL awesome.

4. She got to do “Figure It Out!”

5. Then she got her own show…

6. …it was a one-woman comedy extravaganza!

7. I mean, it was AWESOME.

8. Then she got older and did “She’s The Man”…

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

And Channing Tatum still had spikey hair.

9. …one of her greatest films.

10. And then “Hairspray,” where she looked cute as a button.

Evan Agostini / Getty Images

And Zac Efron still had his shaggy hair.

12. This was the last of her innocence.

13. Because then she did a “Maxim” photo spread, to show people she was all grown up…

14. …and mature.

15. Her maturity made her philosophical:

16. And wise:

17. And honest:

18. Then things turned sour when she was arrested for a DUI, and it was revealed she had lilac colored hair.

19. We hadn’t really seen her since she left the courthouse after her arrest…

20. (NO, not this courthouse.)

21. …then yesterday she reappeared with blonde hair, again looking disheveled.

22. We miss you, young Amanda!!

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